Black Ambush

These girls are going to have sex with a black man today. They just don't know it yet.


ADDED: Jan. 11, 2020 - Shey Holmes
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An ExCoGi graduate, 21yo Shey gets a quickie fuck in the bathroom thinking her day is done with our white cameraman before finding her way to Isiah's big black cock for the main event. (READ MORE ABOUT SHEY HOLMES)

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ADDED: Dec. 28, 2019 - Ava Dior
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Thinking she's doing another regular scene like ExCoGi, here is 18 yo Ava Dior blindfolded taking Isiah's big black cock... turns out she loved it.(READ MORE ABOUT AVA DIOR)

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ADDED: Dec. 14, 2019 - Kylie Rocket
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When we picked up Kylie from the airport, she was all set to light the porn world on fire. She had just quit her fast food job and had a plan to fuck her way to the top. Little did she know she was going to get her first BBC on the way there! She was happy to see our man, JJay (who she had met on an earlier shoot) and thought she was going to get a taste of her favorite cock. No sooner were they in the car before she had her lips around his cock and having a quickie in a random alley. All revved...(READ MORE ABOUT KYLIE ROCKET)

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ADDED: Nov. 30, 2019 - Belle O'Hare
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Here is Belle O'Hare thinking she is getting white stud Jake's big cock but instead it's her first interracial, taking the BBC of Isiah Maxwell.(READ MORE ABOUT BELLE O'HARE)

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ADDED: Nov. 16, 2019 - Isaabelle Ryan
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Here is Isabelle Ryan taking her first ever BBC and doing anal for the first time, enjoy!(READ MORE ABOUT ISAABELLE RYAN)

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ADDED: Nov. 02, 2019 - Riley
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We meet 23 year old Riley chomping down on her lunch at the local waffle place. She's having a sensible plate of eggs and hash browns because that's the kind of girl she is. Sensible. Reasonable. Not very adventurous. In between bites, she tells camera guy Troy about her ex husband, the kind of sex she likes and he didn't give her (hence the "ex" part), and the craziest sex she's had. Having been married for so long, Riley hasn't really been playing the field with other guys and in line with her...(READ MORE ABOUT RILEY)

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ADDED: Oct. 19, 2019 - Riley
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Bespectacled first timer Riley is going to suck and fuck a big black cock in a filthy mini van today - she just doesn't know it when white camera guy picks her up from the airport. He feigns being tired and asks Riley to have some coffee with him and record some behind-the-scenes chit chat. At least that's what she's supposed to think. After we get to know Riley a bit more (stripper! who'd a thunk?), Troy reveals the truth - the real reason they're sitting at the airport's coffee lounge is...(READ MORE ABOUT RILEY)

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ADDED: Oct. 05, 2019 - Olivia
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What's better than watching a girl squirt from cumming so hard? Watching a girl squirt from cumming so hard with a big black cock - and she had no idea she even COULD squirt! With 20 year old Indiana native Olivia we get exactly that. Our camera man Troy picks her up from the airport and wants to test her...ummm.. "open mindedness" almost immediately - off goes the top and Olivia presents her big natural tits in the car. Aside from wanting to put her top back on (nope!), this girl seems to be...(READ MORE ABOUT OLIVIA)

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ADDED: Sep. 21, 2019 - Kara Danvers
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19 year old gorgeous - regal, even - Cara, aka Kara Danvers, made her porn debut earlier with our friends over at ExCoGi, so today BA's resident camera guy and smooth talker Troy doesn't waste time rehashing a lot of personal questions. For Kara's background, personal sexual history, and all the other good personality stuff, watch her ExCoGi scene first, and then come back here. Troy lets Kara believe that today will be much like her ExCoGi scene, "but with some surprises, so keep an open...(READ MORE ABOUT KARA DANVERS)

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ADDED: Sep. 07, 2019 - Chanel Summers
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So if you're a Chanel Summers fans or a fan of our other sites BackRoomCastingCouch & ExCoGi, then you know this is Chanelís 3rd round in the sack with us. It also figures that this little girl would by now feel very comfortable, and trust, with us to never suspect we would pull any fast ones or shady things with her. Well, you would think that but thatís just what did because we just couldn't resist the thought of ambushing this super sexy and trusting newbie with a BBC on camera. We told her...(READ MORE ABOUT CHANEL SUMMERS)

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